Injury recoveries are generally based on the degree of injuries and strength of the medical evidence.

As your lawyer, I can protect and advance your claim with all the necessary evidence.

Leaving and trusting the adjuster to do all the work for you, could jeopardize or seriously reduce your chances of receiving full and fair compensation.

Level the Playing Field

ICBC has lawyers working for them. Shouldn’t you have a lawyer working for you?

I deal with ICBC lawyers and trained adjusters on a regular basis – managing claims, negotiating settlements, attending mediations and proceeding to trial, where appropriate.

With a lawyer, you can get access to statements, photographs, estimates, etc.

Don't Ignore The Clock

There are important time limits that apply to different steps in a claim such as:

  • providing a statement to ICBC
  • claiming medical benefits
  • claiming wage loss benefits
  • providing notices (e.g. hit and run, etc.)
  • starting a lawsuit

You could lose part or all of your legal rights to compensation if certain time limits are missed.

My Fee – Just 20%*

I am dedicated to helping accident victims receive full fair and reasonable compensation.

I am committed to providing exceptional service with personal attention.

I offer a 20%* contingency fee payable only upon recovery. I will handle all disbursements up front.
I offer flexible appointment times including evenings and weekends.

*Twenty-percent is available for select cases only. Call me for more information.